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Apc Structured Training Agreement

Another idea, since I don`t know, your full work situation. Why not find a local contact person who has a survey company, is proactive and already brings candidates through the process (and has an APC training agreement) and then negotiates with them to get you on board as part of their APC training agreement and act for you as a tutor and advisor? If you are in a similar situation, please do not feel discouraged. Let me show you the tool to give some structure to your training. I said at the beginning that I am an independent contractor and a registered contractor, so I do not have a structured APC training facility. To assist students in the apprenticeship program, the employer must have a structured APC training plan (we must see it on request) and an APC counsellor (RICS member) and a supervisor. Up to 5 years of experience – You need at least 24 months of structured training A regulated company must comply with RICS rules for businesses, which means they must provide you with training for your CPA. So I see no reason, if you provided the right mentors and supporters, not to just create the APC Training Agreement and submit RICS on behalf of your trade name with the corresponding support and signoff agreement on the agreement that you properly support. You can then establish and agree with your mentors on the structured training plan. Your training should be structured to meet the requirements of your course and to write a targeted summary based on experience experience as part of your final evaluation.

It`s not structured training because you go through them. After reading the APC guide, I am still a little perplexed as to the authorisation of this route, as indicated in the introductory letter from RICS; “You must have agreed to an APC training agreement with your employer for registration authorization, provided it exists.” This document is deed to help the candidate, counsellor and employer develop a training plan for the candidate.

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