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Business Transfer Agreement Pdf

The term “Confidential Information”, as used in this Agreement, is: (a) all information relating to the organization, business, intellectual property, technology, trade secrets, know-how, finances, transactions or affairs of the Party or any of its respective representatives (whether transmitted in writing, orally or in other forms and which such information provides, to be made available on or after the closing date; (b) any information relating to or about: (i) disputes or claims arising out of or related to this Agreement; or (ii) the resolution of such claims or disputes; and (c) any information or material that has been produced by or for a party or its representatives, that contains, reflects or is generated from confidential information. Undertakings (a “mixed contract”), including the contracts listed in Annex 7.8, are segregated, to the extent that they are economically viable, from or as soon as possible after conclusion, so that each buyer and seller is entitled to rights and benefits and bears the corresponding part of all liabilities due to their respective undertakings for the period following conclusion. . . .

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