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Cape Breton University Faculty Association Collective Agreement

This collection is a great resource for students, graduates or anyone who is currently looking for a job. For more information on the group visit in the collective agreement: CBU and the University of Cape Breton Faculty Association (CBUFA) announced the change in the joint situation on Thursday. It came just weeks after the association set a deadline to reach an agreement or strike. Philosophy professor Scott Stewart, who insulted the board after the vote, told reporters that the board is sending a clear message to his faculty by rejecting the interim contract. Acting President Dale Keefe said the university hopes both sides will reach a mutually beneficial solution. An interim collective agreement has been reached between the University of Cape Breton (CBU) and the University of Cape Breton Faculty Association (CBUFA). The agreement is subject to a ratification vote. More details are expected in the coming days. Just two weeks ago, the two sides said they had reached an “agreement in principle” through negotiations with the help of a conciliator.

Last month, as a representative of professors, librarians, archivists, laboratory professors and health care educators, the CBUFA voted 92% in favour of ratifying the three-year interim collective agreement. “Today, the CBUFA negotiating team and executive approved an interim agreement with the employer. I want to thank the chief negotiator and the entire negotiating team for the work they have done to reach a fair agreement for our member,” said CBUFA President Calvin Howley. I would also like to thank the executive, our communications committee and, above all, the whole membership, for their support throughout this process. Collective bargaining can be difficult and stressful. The association is committed to working together to improve its relationship with the employer. While there is representation of faculties on the Board of Governors and the vote on the refusal of the contract was unanimous, Reynolds stated that this did not mean a split of the union and noted that he was not familiar with the discussions before the vote in the field of camera. CBU student Megan Odo-Hache de Cheticamp was concerned about the prospect of faculty members on the picket line. The University of Cape Breton and the University of Cape Breton Faculty Association are pleased to jointly announce that an interim collective agreement has been reached. The teams met with a provincial speaker on November 13 and 14, 2019. “You pretty much called for work stoppages, didn`t we, we had a provisional agreement that was ratified by our camp… They simply refused.

What if it`s not a call to stop work? “The discharge would probably even be an understatement,” Karam said in an interview. “The fact that an interim agreement has been reached now gives students much more hope.” “We hope this is a signal that the Board of Governors and management will now see the faculty as partners in managing the venue and will not see us as adversaries or problems to be managed,” Reynolds said. “The last two years have not been very constructive.” On December 9, the Board of Governors of the University of Cape Breton voted to reject an interim collective agreement between former university president David Wheeler and the CBUFA. The Faculty Association voted 92% in favour of the agreement. On the same day, the board also agreed to a settlement agreement that would drop Wheeler`s employment with the university. When the contract was rejected, board chairman Ambrose White said it was not the content of the interim agreement, but the process in which it was obtained, as happened without a board bargaining committee.

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