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Cisco Webex Calling Service Level Agreement

Secure and reliable cloud services provided by trusted regional providers ● The Professional License has been designed to meet the calling needs of individual users. Contains all calling functions through clients and devices. Cisco Webex Calling also conducted a HIPAA self-assessment based on the HHS Security risk assessment tool. This assessment is available to potential customers for review under an NDA agreement. One of the biggest advantages of the remote support service is its ease of use. The following features show its flexibility: Cisco`s security approach focuses on the security of the network, systems, and all data centers that make up the Cisco Webex Collaboration platform. Network service providers harden and patch operating systems and infrastructure to protect their systems from various security breaches. Servers must provide data in a safe and reliable manner. Operating system, middleware and application hardening includes: Webex team access for each user, add extensive unified communication and team collaboration services.

Tests for the business continuity plan are planned every year. After a real incident, follow-up measurements and post-mortem analyses are carried out in order to evaluate and improve future operations. Business impact analysis reflects the company`s designs and assesses its business risk continuity and recovery systems using risk levels assessed based on a large number of failure scenarios to ensure that operational obligations are met consistently. Webex and Webex Calling are backed by Cisco`s rich history and expertise in security, from network and endpoints to data centers and our cloud services. All Cisco products and services are based on Cisco`s Secure Development Lifecycle (CSDL), which ensures that our products are based on a security foundation. The safety of our products is verified on several functions, independently of a team of hundreds of security supporters. Whether within your organization or as part of enterprise cooperation, Cisco Webex offers an enterprise-class hardened collaboration platform that protects you and your data by default. The Webex Calling app for desktop and mobile devices, which offers comprehensive calling functions for mobile employees. (Our calling app is usually flagged as a private label by the service provider.) Cisco remains firmly committed to maintaining leadership in cloud security.

Cisco`s Security and Trust organization works with teams across our organization to build security, trust, and transparency in a framework that supports the design, development, and operation of core infrastructure to achieve maximum security in everything we do. Cisco Webex is the first enterprise cooperation solution that combines calls, meetings, and messaging in a single application with smart devices to deliver and control the quality demanded by businesses. . . .

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