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Deca Master Labor Agreement

After careful consideration of the parties` positions on this matter, we will order the acceptance of the employer`s final offer in order to resolve their disputes over the section. We believe that the purchase of PAEs by STAs is a prudent use of taxpayers` money and that registration shows that a considerable number of these PAEs provide prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services only for alcohol and drug problems, but not for “other personal problems”. In light of the above, we are satisfied that the employer justified the need to amend the provisions of the expired section of the EAP. 1. The parties were also ordered to withdraw (1) their proposals regarding their disputes over Articles 13, 38 and 45, so that the corresponding articles of their expired GwG would continue to apply for the duration of their successor agreement; and (2) withdraw their respective proposals regarding “unit costs per production and construction of a clientele” and Article 51 – unfair labour practices, so that the succession agreement would not include any reference to the issues dealt with therein. 2. For management reasons, this Decision and this Order address all remaining issues in the two proceedings conducted by the proceedings. 3. According to the parties, on 30 August 2002 the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) accepted the union`s request for a consolidated DeCA unit throughout the country.

The parties agreed that it would only be necessary to reopen the MLA in certain areas, once the immediate impasse has been resolved, in order to take into account the change in the status of the unit. In accordance with the first part of the panel`s proceedings, Mr. Whitaker met with the parties on 12 and 13 September 2002 in Chester, Virginia, and voluntary agreement was reached on four of the six articles. Subsequently, the parties were allowed to submit final offers and supporting comments on Articles 5 and 11, and Member Whitaker reported to the Body on those Articles. Written observations were also submitted in accordance with the procedural provision relating to Articles 12, 22, 29, 35, 42, 46 and the article `Multi-competence/broadcasting and related changes` proposed by the European Union. The panel reviewed the entire registration of all remaining items in dispute. The employer is essentially proposing to amend the provisions relating to the deduction of contributions from expired GwG by fixing, after the first year of a worker`s membership of the Union, an annual window period during which participation in contributions may be abolished by employee deduction. In such circumstances, a worker “may submit an SF 1188 to the employer at any time during the six (6) week period, immediately prior to July 1. The employer must receive cancellation requests no later than 12:00 p.m. local time on the last business day of June. The adoption of the proposed text would make the process of cessation of payments of contributions to the administration less in the administrative market. . .


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