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East Bay Purchase Agreement Addendum Richmond

2 B. Non-compliant – Responsibility for compliance costs: Compliance costs are borne by: the seller – responsible for obtaining a side compliance certificate from the City of Richmond no more than sixty (60) days after the closing of the trust. Based on the health contractor`s estimate, the amount of repairs will remain in Treuhand until all necessary repairs or the replacement of the private ceiling to obtain the certificate are completed. If no repair or replacement is required, the trust money is refunded to the seller. The buyer – undertakes full responsibility for the city`s requirement to obtain a side compliance certificate no more than sixty (60) days after the closing of the trust. The buyer confirms receipt of a written estimate and is aware of the estimated cost of replacement or repair. WEST COUNTY WASTEWATER DISTRICT SANITARY SEVERAL COMPLIANCE: All properties maintained by the West County Wastewater District (WCWD) must have a lateral video inspection of the sewers prior to the closure of Escrow, unless a certificate of compliance is available from the WCWD. A video of the sewers has been completed and the inspection report has been completed: and that the lateral sanitary sewers comply with WCWD guidelines. The seller must provide the buyer with proof of compliance before the final B. Non-compliant: At the time of the audit, the object is not yet compliant with the requirements of the channel line inspection, but this inspection must be completed before the end of Escrow. The inspection fee is paid by the seller, who complies with WCWD guidelines. C. Buyer.

NOTE: WCWD stated that costs should not be passed on to the buyer. D. Necessary repairs/replacement of sewers must be paid in accordance with the sales contract. In the event that the parties are unable to make the necessary repairs/replacements on the canal side prior to the closure of Escrow, the buying seller is responsible for securing a 90-day extension to complete the work. The WCWD needs at least one written proposal for completion and sufficient resources must be used in trust to pay for the work before the extension can be obtained. RODEO DISTRICT SANITARY SEWER LATERAL CONFORMITY: Page 2 of 6 5 SEISMIC GAS SHUTOFF VALVE CONFORMITY: Compliance: A seismic gas stop valve has been installed on the gas meter at the object. All work has been done with a plumbing authorization and the seller guarantees that the ownership of the object is compliant. Non-compliant: Responsibility for repairs: The property is not yet compliant. Compliance fees must be made prior to the final state check and paid by: Seller Buyer For more information can be obtained from the Costa Au County Building Inspection Department (925) WATER CONSERVING PLUMBING FIXTURES: California Law required, that owners of detached houses built before 1994 install sanitary water maintenance facilities, in addition to modifying or improving such a property, sanitary water maintenance facilities must be installed as a precondition for final approval. (Cal.

Civil Code Section). Although California law does not make compliance with this statue a condition of sale (condition of sale), this addendum determines which of the undersigned parties is responsible for complying with this law. Responsible seller: the seller complied with (a) the upgrade of the property with sanitary devices consistent with water conservation; or (b) to pay, before the end of the guardianship, all non-water-compliant sanitary devices with devices that comply with existing devices.

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