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Learning Agreement After Mobility Uni Potsdam

3) Part of the “after mobility” learning agreement – Transcript of Records – Recognition form, delivered to the AAA: as soon as recognition has been made With the recognition form that replaces Table D of the Learning Agreement, you can recognize your benefits at the JLU. The basis is your Transcript of Records as well as the Learning Agreement before and, if necessary, during mobility. If you would like to use Table C of the Learning Agreement “after mobility” form for your list of benefits, for example because your host university does not create its own form, please indicate at the beginning of the document the actual period of your mobility abroad – this period must correspond to the period indicated on the Certificate of Departure. Table C must be signed by the host university and submitted in the AAA. The “after mobility” learning agreement consists of: The University Office of The Foreigner (AAA) requires the Transcript of Records and the “after mobility” recognition form in the form of a fully signed scan until the end of the semester following the completed stay abroad. The payment of your closing rate is related to the submission of your recognition form. The full and signed part of the “before mobility” apprenticeship agreement and the Certificate of Arrival are preconditions for the payment of the first tranche of the mobility allowance. 1) The part of the “before mobility” learning agreement; Aaa tax: if possible before departure Table B: courses at the JLU for which you will get recognition of the benefits provided abroad. These courses do not need to be recognized 1:1, it is possible to recognize the “mobility window” within a choice area, for example.

B 20 or 30 ECTS. 2) The part of the learning agreement “during mobility” – Changes to the original Learning Agreement The number of ECTS in Table A and Table B must be the same! The Learning Agreement is divided into 3 sections that we will explain below: Since, in most cases, the list of courses at your host university will not be established until shortly before the start of the semester, it is understandable that you will need to change your course program later. Changes must be communicated first to the curriculum management and then to the mobility coordinator to ensure the accounting on your return. Please indicate the changes as soon as possible. For changes, create a “During the Mobility” learning agreement directly from Mobility Online, in which you indicate the modified courses, and then contact the SPL and the Mobility Coordinator for signature. Please also find out how to change your host university. The “During the Mobility” learning agreement signed by our institute and the host university downloads you on Mobility Online. For more information on the “During the Mobility” learning agreement, click here.

Upon your return, you create an “After the Mobility” learning agreement from Mobility Online and have your program management recognize courses completed abroad as part of your studies. To do this, you also need the home university`s collection certificate (transcript of records). You can then download the Transcript of Records as well as your “After the Mobility” learning agreement and/or the recognition notice on Mobility Online.

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