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Mmg Rosebery Enterprise Agreement

TE1306 – Vice President Shelley – 21 January 2005 s61J Enterprise Agreement – Harryh Pty Ltd and Adventure Golf (Tasmania) Pty Ltd act as Adventure Golf Putters and employees in accordance with the clause 8 of this agreement – Putters Adventure Golf Enterprise Agreement 2003 – Operational Agreement 30/09/03 for a period of forty-eight months – Revised decision If your application was submitted before, you can verify the status of your agreement, sending an e-mail to the Commission`s agreements team under T11802 and T11848 – Commissioner TJ Abey – 21 September 2005 s29 Arbeitskampf – Bau, Forstwirtschaft, Bergbau und Energie Union, Tasmanian Branch and Skilled Group Limited and The TESA Group Pty Ltd – alleged breach of attribution – Corporate definition – Natural Justice – Public interest – Distinction found to apply – Please provide your name, case number and name of agreement. A team member must contact you within 2 business days. T12175 – Commissioner TJ Abey – 5. Dezember 2005 s29 Arbeitskampf – Michael Kaye und Chubb Guard Services – angeblicher Verstoe gegen den Security Industry Award – 12-Stunden-Schichten – overstunden – Vereinbarung fer g-ltig TE1382 – Stellvertretender President Shelley – 21. Murz 2005 s61J Unternehmensvereinbarung – Delanty FamilyTrust trading as East Coast Freight and Darren Wilson – East Coast Transport Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2005-2010 – Agreement approved – operative 17 March 2005 for a period of five years T11878 – Commissioner TJ Abey – 21 January 2005 s55 industrial agreement – The Australian Workers` Union, Tasmania Branch and Construction, Forstwirtschaft, Bergbau- und Energieunion, Tasmanische Niederlassung und SADB Directional Drilling – Tas-Vic Interconnector Consortium Basslink Project Tasmania SADB Directional Drilling Agreement 2003-2006 – Antrag genehmigt – Betriebsdatum 14. Januar 2005 – 3 Jahre T12074 – Kommissionsmitglied JP McAlpine – 6. September 2005 s29 Arbeitskampf – Marian (“Murray”) Wojcik und “Foamland” Registered Proprietor Frau Sandra Helen Wallis – unfaire Beendigung des Arbeitsverhältnisses – Verletzung der Vergabe oder eingetragene Vereinbarung – Schwellenfrage – Angelegenheit , qui doit être fixée pour l`audition – a été confiée à TE1379 – commissaire JP McAlpine – 8 février 2005 s61J Accord d`entreprise – Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Inc. et employé comme – assistant administratif, gardien de bus, concierge, travailleur du service pour enfants, nettoyeur, cuisinier, chauffeur, jardinier, Home Help, Labourer, Land Management Worker, Library Assistant, Receptionist, Accounts Clerk, Personal Carer, Personnel/Payroll Clark, Programme Assistant, Publications, Travailleurs communaux, assistants dentaires, conseillers financiers, assistants linguistiques, responsable juridique, responsable des bibliothèques et de l`information, collaborateurs du projet, collaborateurs scientifiques, agents des ressources, agents de santé aborigènes (qualifiés), linguiste, superviseur Lungtalanana Youth Community Health Nurse, Coordinator, Counsello R, Recruitment and Training Officer und Social Worker – Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Inc. Enterprise Agreement 2005 – Operational Agreement 2 February 200 5 – until the end of the first salary period in October 2007 T12094 – Commissioner JP McAlpine – 14 June 2005 s55 Industrial contract – Cradle Coast Water and The Community and Public Sector Union (State Public Services Federation Tasmania) and The Association of Professional Engineers , Scientists and Managers, Australia – Cradle Coast Water Employee Agreement No. 1 of 2005 – Agreement Approved – Operational Date of September 1, 2004 – and Remains August 31, 2007 – forwarded to registrar for registration TE1380 – Vice President Shelley – 3. Enterprise Agreement – Caterpillar Elphinstone Pty Ltd and all caterpillar Elphinstone Pty Ltd employees, whether or not they are members of a registered organization working under this enterprise agreement and are approved in accordance with Schedule C – Caterpillar Elphinstone Enterprise Agreement 2004-2007 – Operational Agreement – January 31, 2005 T11982 – Vice President Shelley – April 8, 2005 s23 Variation Award – The Australian Workers` Union, Tasmania Branch – Threshold Matters – Enterprise Award – Insertion of conditions in a registered agreement – if the Commission should not continue hearing the matter – whether the matter should be referred to the President – whether the case should be heard by a full bank – Transcript 140 7 – Deputy President P

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