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Option Agreement Vertaling

Een andere cultuur (in say geval: een andere rechtscultuur) geeft woorden inderdaad een andere betekenis… zelf zo zeer dat er soms gewoon geen vertaling voor bestaat… Looks like I`m not the only one, so here`s my story. This app was downloaded on a public holiday. Feel like it gives a punt and even thought at a price of 4:99 is worth a go. The app wasn`t very intuitive, didn`t really work during the conversation and the overall experience was bad. I uninstalled this app. A few months later, I learned that I thought it was a one-time cost. Subscription and even after deletion, I had been billed monthly for this application.

As it was the only app I paid for and deleted it in a month, I didn`t take note of my account because I knew I hadn`t bought other apps before and since. When I contacted Apple, I was politely informed that even if I had been charged for this subscription for 7 months, I could only be refined the previous 2 fees and it would take up to 30 days for this refund to be processed. My advice is to stay away from this app – they`re not clearly on the fees to stay from Apple – no fan of their mobile phones (it`s a business device) / their user interface/ and ITunes and how they work. I get the impression that if you thought of a tab called “subscription” in iTunes settings, I would have solved it much earlier, but there is no indication on how to terminate this apparent arrangement with their directed by Apple (comfortably, as I was informed that this was a frequent mistake; hiking, why they didn`t change how to access this section????) That`s all for now, have fun and a Samsung Greetings, we regret the misunderstanding, but the standard version is free. The subscription is only for PRO, an upgrade for the application. You`ll find localized prices for all the subscription options available in the app`s App Store entry. The subscription is based on each month/two months/year, not per week. Subscriptions and purchases are made with Apple and we do not have access to your payment information. If you can`t connect to the app`s settings, it`s because you haven`t created an iTranslate account yet. It`s a feature we offer in the app and it has nothing to do with your subscription.

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