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Qwant Censorship Agreement

One advantage is that qwant also supports hashbangs like duckduckgo. On the other hand, they inexplicably signed a censorship agreement (archive). Not only that, they make it possible to report on content (archive): having more and involving people in decision-making would be preferable, as it is currently in the best interest of major social media platforms to simply silently remove any content that an AI believes to be illegal. You can see that YouTube has been doing this a lot lately, using AI to make arbitrary decisions about videos. Guillaume argues that this is bad censorship. Therefore, I cannot modify my user agent. use wget, httrack or curl; or even take a screenshot of the website. Funny. And that`s all the founder of DDG accepted. Then he sold the database to another company, (archive), which added this to the deal: Obviously, things have evolved since then, and as investigative site The Intercept discovered last year, Google launched a secret project in the spring of 2017 to launch a Chinese search engine called Dragonfly, which filters websites and search results on human rights. Democracy, religion and peaceful protests – all based on the Chinese government`s demands for internet censorship.

And – although I couldn`t find censorship through my tests – they confirm that removing some results is possible: Wow, I`ve been hit by a hurricane of nonsense and I`m so confused that I don`t even know where to start. They literally admit to being worse than all other search engines – because these (like Swisscows or StartPage) actually limit the data sent to the providers they use. FindX just says fuck that and throws away all your information about Bing, then tells you to trust their partners to stick to a deal that`s never really specified, aside from vague claims about „better search results.“ This seems dangerously close to Mozilla to improve your experience while they abuse all your data. And why would Microsoft submit to a small fry like FindX? They are more likely to do what they want with your stuff. What about the other partner, CodeFuel? So what is the verdict? Large, although unclear, privacy policy (trying to adopt the best intentions here…), mainly with its own index and without JavaScript are advantages. Either way, search results are missing (at least in the other categories), no proxy or door, and potential censorship are downsides. I would in principle avoid it just because of the latter, but the benefits (which can`t be found anywhere else except Mojeek, whose index and privacy are both much lower) might outweigh it for some. Most importantly, blocking anonymizers and search queries that don`t go through Qwant isn`t worth it. Google is still not ready to commit not to censor in China in the future, I think these are more really shitty algorithms. When I was only looking for r/the_donald, this was one of the first results. I`m not a Google fan, but I don`t think it`s deliberate censorship. Despite the low search results, this engine deserves to be considered the only one with its own index that cares even remotely about your privacy. Another point in its favor is that JavaScript is not necessary for images at all either. I used to fire Mojeek because I assumed they would report you for any research they didn`t like, but maybe I overreacted about a CP-only policy that has now been removed anyway. Mojeek still bans requests for CP and CP pages are not in its index (which any other engine does anyway – in addition to a lot more interference/censorship). Overall, we finally have an independent search engine that is relatively private and does not censor alternative content. – There is a „Install qwant“ button at the top right of the screen. I don`t know what I would install if I clicked on it, or why I should or want to install something to use a search engine? Bhatia insisted that Google does not currently offer a search engine in mainland China – this is done from its Hong Kong subsidiary – but made no commitment that Google will not participate in any form of censorship with the Chinese regime against Chinese citizens in the future. „If you haven`t yet created a Qwant account to save your settings, you can use the following link as your homepage or drag it into your bookmarks: We should therefore see this as a driver of censorship.

What are the other features of Qwant? It can search for images, news, videos (YouTube only), purchases (no results?), social sites (Twitter only) and music in addition to the regular web. .

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