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Seifsa Main Agreement Sick Leave

2020 has been a nightmare for most businesses. With a national state of disaster announced just days before a national lockdown was put in place, employers had to take steps to protect workers, which impacted their annual leave balances. As a result, many businesses have suffered terrible financial losses as a result of the lockdown and the prospect of not facing huge revenue and payroll in December is incredibly daunting. If the agreement is published in the Official Journal of government, it becomes legally binding on all employers active in the sector and on workers falling within the scope of the main agreement. Hence the next important question. Many of you will have seen propaganda sent by SEIFSA (below) regarding the acceptance of its agreement with the unions. SEIFSA and the trade unions) adopted their agreement. Of course they have – that`s their agreement! It was “adopted” the minute they agreed! The reason they sent this circular is to give the impression that their agreement has been adopted by the Council (which it has NOT done) and that it can be extended – something that SAEFA and other employers` organisations will not allow. The main agreement is a collective agreement between the employers` organisations and the trade unions which form the metallurgy and mechanical engineering bargaining council. The agreement provides for comprehensive employment conditions for some 320,000 planned workers (including workers provided by employment agencies) employed in more than 10,000 companies in the sector.

“scheduled workers” means employees covered by the technical calendars of the main agreement. Is a metallurgical employer obliged to pay a bonus if he is not a member of SEIFSA? These violations can be identified as a result of a routine inspection of a business by an agent or a complaint from an employee or former employee. If the representative finds that there is a violation of the main agreement, he is first discussed with the management and will endeavor to correct it. If the infringement is not corrected at this level, the following measures are taken: As a general rule, the scope of the agreement is limited to all employees of the workshop, production, construction and construction site at the level of general workers up to skilled craftsmen. . . .

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