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United Utilities Self Lay Agreement

Perhaps prefer Self-Lay, as it may be possible to provide a multi-utility option. This can save time and money and better coordinate infrastructure procurement. Before a self-sufficiency organization can do the work, it must be approved by the water distribution company concerned. Self-inflicted organisations can avoid having to meet the requirements of the 22 separate water companies by accrediting them under the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS), which is recognised by all water companies and Water UK. If a construction requires a new water main or sewer, you can ask the Water or Sanitation Corporation to install the pipes. Alternatively, you can choose your own contractor to do the job known as self-lay. The water distribution company assumes responsibility for the self-installed (adopted) pipes that meet the conditions of its agreement with the developer or the self-lay organization (SLO) that carries out the work. Wirs plays an important role in supporting and developing the self-lay market, promoting and ensuring compliance with the highest water infrastructure standards and the essential protection and preservation of water quality. We can see disputes over the conditions of self-fault and the refusal of water companies to introduce self-installed pipes for the supply of water for private purposes. The Water Industry Advisory Council (WIRSAP) manages the system, whose members represent water companies and self-sufficiency organizations. We are also members of that body.

According to our guidelines, every water company must publish its self-lay policy. The water company sends details to the developer or THE SLO on the estimate of the payment of assets, the non-compensatory fees, security and legal agreement. We can identify disputes over a water company`s royalty level for a primary requirement. We can also see disputes over the level of a water company`s charges for all the network-strengthening work that is more necessary for the connection of self-installed water pipes. The developer or SLO submits a notification to the location of the services in accordance with the water management company`s auto-lay agreements.

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